Fly Hard

Fly Hard is a game resembling Thrust, but with lots of shooting and puzzles.
Player ship slaughtering poor defenceless monsters


Version 0.42 Many things not yet done. Works on Windows(binary) and GNU/Linux(source only).


Realistic(ish) physics.
Awesome weapons(if you can afford them).
Upgradable ship.
16 whole levels!
Editable levels

Download It

Fly Hard 0.42 source code
Fly Hard 0.42 Windows binary

Older (outdated) versions

Fly Hard 0.41 source code
Fly Hard 0.41 Windows binary
Fly Hard 0.4 source code
Fly Hard 0.4 Windows binary
Fly Hard 0.3 source code
Fly Hard 0.3 Windows binary
Fly Hard 0.1 source code